Temporary Medical Coverage

If you’re between jobs or in the waiting period for your group coverage, this may be the product for you. Temporary coverage is available for 1 – 6 months and provides short-term comprehensive medical benefits.

How We BeneFIT You: 

When a life change leaves you without medical insurance, we can help you get through the transition period without worry.  We can help you find a range of options and lengths of coverage.

Why Choose Us?

Ertel & Company, Inc. is an independent agency specializing in health insurance for individuals and families, as well as employers and organizations.

Individual & Family Medical
Temporary Medical
International Short-Term Medical
Catastrophic Medical
Medicare Supplement
Group Medical

More Options

You'll enjoy having so many insurance options in one location! With Ertel & Company, Inc., you can review several plans in your area in less time.

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